Yes Basic 158 Snowboard 2020

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Κωδικός Προϊόντος: BASIC-158


     Yes Basic Snowboard


Developed as a go-to, ride-it-all deck, the Basic has been refined over the years to the point that both pros and newbies reach for it on a regular basis. The UnderBite outline extracts more arc, more hold and a better carving experience out of every design we apply it to and the Basic was the genesis of it all.

This basic goal is what we’re all after. So for us, Basic doesn’t mean simple - Basic means fundamental.

Even though they call it The Basic, it's anything but basic. This shred stick comes with innovative UnderBite edges for an improved edge hold which saves you tons of energy since you don't need a lot of strength to turn the board. The twin shape, mixed with a camrock profile is great to show off your freestyle skills and rock some park laps.
Riding style:For everyone who wants to enjoy the whole mountain but also knows his way around the park.Shape:The perfectly symmetrical True Twin shape offers a balanced ride that’s equally versatile when ridden regular or switch. The UnderBite edges feature inward divots at the binding area reduces and disturbs the surface area of the edge. This increases the edge pressure while turning by distributing energy in the areas where you need it because the segmentation of the sidecut is divided into the three key zones.Profile:A unique rocker/camber flex pattern defined by an evenly balanced tip and tail rocker and camber between the bindings. Camrock improves freestyle finesse by keeping your tips playful while maintaining the power and pop of camber underfoot.Flex:The medium flex makes this board suited for everything. Rip pow, press your way through jibs, spin your body in weird ways and carve up everything from slush to ice.Construction:The full poplar core consists of a tip to tail wood core that offers durability and a consistent flex at a lower weight. Biax glass features a jib-friendly, torsionally soft flex and forgiving, park-friendly feel. The extruded base is very tough, user-friendly and offers good speed without waxing frequently.


  • UnderBite Edges
  • Camrock Profile
  • Full Poplar Core
  • Biax Glass
  • CamRock 4-4-4

LEVEL:  Beg / Adv     ****     FLEX RATING:  5 / 10      ****      RIDING STYLE:  All Mountain /Freestyle


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Yes Basic 158 Snowboard 2020
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