Yes Ghost 156 Snowboard 2018

Κατασκευαστής: Yes Snowboards
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: GHOST-156


  Yes Ghost Snowboard 2018


This years Ghost has been fully redesigned and refined! We evolved the directional volume twin made famous on this model and incorporated the award winning Mid-Bite outline. The Ghost now boasts a wider platform underfoot, maintains a responsive waist width and will always come with “modern camber”.

Just like the Standard, the Ghost has been entirely reshaped to begin a new season… This freestyle versatile board will make you discover the snowboard while letting you enjoy the mountain in all conditions!  
This board will make you understand what versatility truly means. Indeed, with the Yes Ghost board, you will enjoy snowboarding, no matter the kind of terrain! This twin-tip mid-wide deck is equipped with big tips, which offers a very good floatation on the powder snow. You want to please yourself in the park? Of course you can, with great pleasure… Its classic camber will give you a lot of power to realize your ollies. Furthermore, it will ensure you a good grip, which will allow you to be at your best when gathering speed, not forgetting that it will only improve your carving sessions… Equipped with the Mid-Bite technology, your board will be as reactive as a narrow one and as stable as a wide one! Not bad, huh? So have a good time, you really have everything to go everywhere without asking yourself any question!  

It’s made for advanced or expert snowboarders who want a twin which will allow them to enjoy the whole mountain… Not forgetting that it’s relatively easy to steer considering it’s a pro model suited for intense freestyle sessions!  

What are the men Yes Ghost snowboard main assets?  Floatation-Pop-Support 


  • Directional Volume Twin W/ Mid Bite Outline
  • True Twin Shape
  • Modern Camber
  • Poplar + Bamboo
  • Triax Glass
  • Sintered Base

LEVEL:  Adv / Exp     ****     FLEX RATING:  4 / 5      ****      RIDING STYLE:  All Mountain / Freestyle / Backcountry Freestyle



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Yes Ghost 156 Snowboard 2018
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