Volcom 2x4 Jean - Black on black (bkb)

Κατασκευαστής: Volcom
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: A1931510

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Bottom Sizes : *
€91,00 €63,95


                                                                             Volcom 2X4 Denim - Black on Black

       Top of the line volcom jeans

Totally trendy and extremely stylish 2x4 Jeans made by Volcom. Volcom is well known for providing the best fit and good quality, and this is exactly what you find here as well.
 The trendy slim fit Jeans fits quite tight, but thanks to the proceeded stretch, it offers enough room to move and feel comfortable. What a stylish Jeans for skating or just hanging around and looking good.



  • Volcom Streetwear
  • new back pocket shape with a 2-needle topstitch hem
  • off stitching on the back left pocket
  • new zippers with a dual finish
  • Stone embroidery with indigo dyed thread
  • dual finish hardware
  • signature black and white threading

  • Measurements
  • waist size 26-28: leg length 30''
  • waist size 30-34: leg length 32''
  • waist size 36-38: leg length 34''
  • leg opening: 14''


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Volcom 2x4 Jean - Black on black (bkb)
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