DC Switch S Skate Shoes - Black/Black/Gum (kkg)

Κατασκευαστής: DC
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: ADYS300104

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                                                                         The Switch S Skate Shoes for men by DC

The Switch S Skate Shoe by DC is robust, high-quality and stylish! The Super Suede™ upper and the blind seam construction guarantee the highest durability. They feature an Achilles relief on the heel and convince with a perfect fit and superior comfort.

  • Super Suede™ upper
  • excellent last with superior fit & comfort
  • blind seam construction for durability
  • Achilles relief on the heel
  • extra plush Ortholite footbed
  • new outsole designed specically to resist Heel Impact and Provide Flexibility


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DC Switch S Skate Shoes - Black/Black/Gum (kkg)
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