Analog Marksman Mittens - Pla

Κατασκευαστής: Analog
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Analog Marksman Mittens

No more worries about cold fingers because you have to text a friend or want to change the tune on your iPod! The Analog Marksman Mittens provide you with a smart turn-down system – keep your gloves on and release your fingers by turning down the upper part of the gloves. Besides that, the Marksman Mittens come with a fleece lining for some extra warmth and silicone coated palms to increase grip. 

+ 100% Polyester Shell with a Water Resistant Coating 
+ Synthetic Suede Palm with a Silicone Logo Print for Grip 
+ Convertible Design 
+ Fleece Lining 
+ Adjustable Cuff 
+ Yarn Dye Wrist Leash

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Analog Marksman Mittens - Pla
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